Puf-Art.com is an artistic forum and information resource about events, galleries and exhibitions which focus on Scandinavian Contemporary Art and Photography.

Our intention is to give readers an interpretation of the captivating art topics happening in Scandinavia. The website aims to give you an insight into Scandinavian art and culture by shedding light on this art community in an effort to reciprocate knowledge and be a platform for artists where they can communicate and share their ideas and thinking processes with an international audience.

We go about this proactively, networking with galleries, museums and institutions, and offering something concrete – a channel for having artists voices heard. Through these vehicles our mission is to facilitate a dialogue via information sharing. Puf Art is a nonprofit organitzation that relies on a variety of funding sources for its activities, all of which include pop up exhibitions, the Puf Art online magazine, and the Puf Art itunes application (available soon).

Your support enables Puf Art to communicate programs with visitors from around the world, helping the widest possible audience understand and enjoy Scandinavian Contemporary art and Photography.


Panya Belton Founder
and Executive Editor for Puf-Art.com.

She is an art advisor that has managed collections for both corporate and private clients. She has studied Danish Culture with Copenhagen University and holds a Masters degree in Contemporary Art, from Sotheby’s Institute of Art, London, as well as a Masters degree in Museum Education from University of Leicester, London.