Puf-Art.com welcomes writers from all over to contribute their thoughts about the Scandinavian Art Scene. To submit an article for Puf-Art.com please refer to the following guidelines.


This section focuses on a specific artist or art group, these should include your thoughts on the perception and perspectives of the artist. Writers investigating changes in the conditions of museums, galleries, and alternative spaces are ideas that should be explored within this division, while focusing on current art events and exploration of theories or themes in relation to the Scandinavian contemporary and photographic art.


An article acknowledging specific quotes, events, and experiences with a focus on conversations and impressions with: artists, museum, gallery, and institutional professionals that show an analysis of the current situations and events confronting the contemporary art and photography scene in Scandinavia.

Reviews of Exhibitions and Books

Articles offering an analysis or critique of an exhibition or publication about Scandinavian contemporary art or photography. Include the critical writers analysis and opinion of reviews. For exhibition reviews, please include the name of the exhibition, the place with address location and exhibition running dates. All book reviews need to include book title, author, publisher, and number of book pages.

All submissions will be reviewed and edited before being posted on the website.