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Available through Space Poetry, 2010

About Hans E. Madsen

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  • 46 Fotos, 1999
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  • 68 Fotos, 2006
  • Under the Table/Under Bordet, 2006
  • Rød finger, 2008

88 Photos

Hans E. Madsen

Installation artist and painter turned photographer. Hans E. Madsen manipulates the camera in a way of creating distorted images that are both interesting and all the while aesthetically pleasing. The photo book contains just that, 88 FOTOS of objects, which have been subjected to the cameras whim. Up close shots from an angle that’s not normally perceived, these are observances of the unseen. These spaces reveal simplicity and question our thoughts to the reality of the subjects. This idea of ‘objects in space’ with the play of light is a strategy that Madsen has explored throughout his career as an artist. These variations of objects displaced, suspended, and fluid tend to question our perspectives for something that’s so simple and real.