About the book

Available through Aristo Publishing, Laura Stamer, 2010

Domestic Scenes

Laura Stamer

Danish photographer Laura Stamer is known for her ability to reflect the significance of aerial architectural spaces. In her most recent photo-book, Domestic Scenes, Stamer’s fascination for interior views is further explored through images of various constructed spaces from different parts of the world.

Certain specific places; corners, floors, ceilings, windows, all recall memories and enlighten our senses to a situational past or idea. Each photo is observed with a sense of light that warms us, all the while reminiscent of the old. Images of the home reveal spatial perspectives in an attempt to tell a story of the familiar, while provoking a sense of melancholy through observation and reflection. Domestic Scenes opens with a poetic introduction, from Kasper Bonnén, which takes us through a journey of the familiar places that we recognize as, and call home.