Day & Night: Copenhagen Photo Festival

Drinks and night projections. International, as well as, Danish photographers have their work on display, not only in galleries and museums, for the Copenhagen Photo Festival, but all around the public space to coincide with the on going exhibition Day & Night.

photography by Todd Hido

At night, a house that seems lonely, in an almost abandoned environment. Just a small light from one of the windows lets us know, it is inhabited. We wonder, who is at home and what is happening with the person, who seems to be up so late at night.

This is the quiet and lonesome scenery in one of Todd Hidos poetic yet tightly documenting art photos, which are on display at the Copenhagen Photo festival at the main exhibition Day & Night, which can be seen around the public spaces in Copenhagen. The idea is that the photo art should be seen all over the city for everybody to enjoy.

Todd Hido is very happy about being part of the Copenhagen Photo Festival. “It is always exiting to have your work shown in another country. It was nice knowing many people had been aware of my work already. I think the Day & Night theme has worked out really well, and I really like the artists that were chosen to participate. It was nice to be out in Copenhagen and encounter art in this way. It was especially cool to be going for a drink and at the same time see one of the night projections,” says Todd Hido.

The mysterious

The Night theme, in which the American artist Todd Hido is showing his work, is as the title suggests, dominated by the mysterious, sleepless, voyeuristic, partying and maybe lonely narrations that takes place in the dark. It is the night scene from different points of views, and is curated by Jepser Elg from the V1 Gallery situated in the new and popular part of Copenhagen called Kødbyen.

The photographs concentrating on the night theme can be seen in the evening and until sunrise projected on buildings, and in the metro on an axis, in different parts of the city from Tivoli Garden and to Kgs. Nytorv.

photography by Todd Hido

Broad daylight

Whereas the day theme, which is curated by Charlotte Sprogø, manager of Copenhagen Photo Festival, naturally takes place during the daytime and presents photos that are blurred between the line of documentation and fictive stories. The photographs do not necessarily show the reality, but rather as the reality might occur to us or simply create poetic and unfamiliar spaces.

photography by Todd Hido

In this category the work of the British artist Anne Hardy is shown. She creates strange scenarios of staged rooms, such as a photo of four wasted retro phone booths staged next to each other. The scene seems at the same time well known and strangely unfamiliar. As in all of Hardys work, people are not included in the photograph, just their leftovers; some books, papers and stuff. In this case, free for the viewer to create their own stories.

Anne Hardy also has high thoughts about being represented at the Copenhagen Photo Festival. “Its an interesting context to be in, and to show the work in this way is an experiment for me, because normally I have the work presented in a very specific way, that is quite different to a billboard in the street. It’s a risk. I will see how it works”, Anne Hardy says about exhibiting in the public space.

The photo called Booth from 2006 is on display outside of Kunsthallen Nikolaj in the center of Copenhagen. It is almost as if you could enter the photographic space in front of you and actually try and use the disconnected phones in the photo, and at the same time, the hard surface of this strange, fictive maybe inner mental space seems very obvious. This is the constructed photo art out there in the city.