Emma Pilipon: No Fate

Four different women, in four different rooms are reconstructing scenes we all know and find banal, maybe even boring. But the Swedish performance artist, Emma Pilipons, accomplishes to make the scenes interesting and alive.

In two of the girl’s rooms, teenage women fantasize in front of the mirror, or with the little pink computer and self-help books about being someone else. And in the bar, a woman rearranges beer bottles, walks slowly around and seems to dream about being elsewhere. All the while, in the TV- studio a beautiful brunette is making big smiles and gestures to the camera in front of her: putting on another face.

Thus, short narratives are told in each room about the female identity, of becoming a woman, which is a forever on going process, and furthermore in the west, is taking place in a demanding pop culture full of clichés. Because of the loop in the narration, the scenes are being acted over and over, an image of how pinned down and the narrowness of the space for a woman in the western culture is staged.

But nevertheless the strength and depth of No Fate is its fragility and gentleness. There are no pointed fingers or judging going on in the performance, but on the contrary, the dreams and fantasizes of these women are being shown as a mirror to the spectators. Showing how we also all carry them around, and even though they are illusions, as a sometimes need a kind of help and support.