Lea Porsager: Celestial Body—Disrupted nerve fluid and crossed shock waves

You literally have to bend your head to enter the gallery rooms at Henningsen Contemporary in Copenhagen these days. Two major metal poles are in the way at the door, and are penetrating the walls separating the rooms creating a horizontal cross in the middle of the gallery.

Lea Porsager — Celestial Body

Thus you become awkwardly aware of your own body right from the start, when you enter the exhibition. And when you stand there with your glass at the opening night. The awkwardness and artificiality of the pretentious art world becomes physical and maybe even funny somehow, but you also become aware of your own uncanny physicality.

Lea Porsager — Celestial Body

Secret text

The Danish artist Lea Porsager works within video, performance, photography and text. She often works with darker subjects concerning the hidden and unknown. As for instance was the case with the pieces she showed at Fotografisk Center in 2009.

On her chalkboard pieces the chalk once written was erased, thus only showing an almost totally dark board with subtle tracks and signs of the hidden secret text. In this way the signs, the images, or the fictive art pieces are just remain of a more real event or happening. Or one can say that the fictive uninterruptedly negotiates with the real in Porsager’s pieces.

Lea Porsager — Celestial Body

And in the printed text pieces at this current exhibition the written is juxtaposed and contains signs like circles and triangles between the letters, maybe fragmenting or creating dark holes the meaning of the text implodes into.

Lea Porsager — Celestial Body


The artist also works with the motif of a doppelganger inspired by the thoughts of Rudolph Steiner. It is difficult to see at this latest exhibition; maybe to conceit to grasp. You have to know it from the press release. The exhibition at Henningsen somehow relates to another of Porsager’s exhibitions by being a negation or negative side to the exhibition: Magnetic Correspondence from 2008.

The black and white video piece Lit Up From Within by the Lurid Glow of Active Hatred, projected on the white wall in a corner at the gallery is beautifully strange simply showing loops of the Japanese satellite Hinode’s documentation, photographic data of the sun’s magnetic field outbreaks. Once again imaginary disturbing signs on repeat of the real world and certainly making worthwhile a visit to Henningsen Contemporary.