OK Do: Science Poems

Science Poems. A small temporary exhibition in Helsinki, plus book release, investigates the borderline between art and science.

ok- do science

In the cross-field between art, science and design, the Finnish/Danish interaction designer, and artist Miska Knapek (1975) exhibits his wind tracing work, in a preview exhibition at a quant shoe shop in Helsinki, along with several other artists.

The exhibition shows text art, designed clothes, media and sound art on the walls, between trendy shoes and drinks to everyone in the small crowded room at the opening of the preview exhibition. In this manner, the exhibition place itself is very appropriately a cross over of several disciplines, situations and realities.

The exhibition, which is curated by the designers and editors of the finish blog OK Do, founded by Anni Puolakka and Jenna Sutela, has also been shown in the Paris gallery Ofr.e

ok- do science


The work of Miska Knapek traces back the lives hidden from nature, from society and from the environment and personnel people. His work has been exhibited internationally, most notably in Ars Electronica and at Transmediale.

Miska’s piece at NAPA, is a computer animation of traces of the wind over Helsinki and Paris during one year. With a very thin and delicate grey line it tells the story of the winds secret life. It shows the movements in a very concrete way, the choreography of the wind so to speak, in time and space. He has also gone so far as making the wind traces in wood.

You could say Miska Knapeks piece in a somehow romantic yet very modern way to show nature as an animated presentation. The artist has linked into meteorology through seeing what the wind data shows: how temperamental the wind can be, and how different the seasons affects its’ movements. The designer used open source tools for processing data from weather sensors in Helsinki and Paris.

Poetry vs Science

Thus the work of Miska Knapek, as well as the other exhibitors, aims at investigating the poetry and multi-sensorial aspects of science, rather than it’s logics and functionality.

Like science, the art works and designs raises questions about our reality, the nature that surrounds us, existential issues and tells fragmented poetry, in order to understand and express. Like in science a major part of the interest in the pieces in the shoe shop lies in representing new things – discovering new land.